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One of the most popular speakers in the US since 1989, Rick DeLuca continues to assist the real estate industry in its efforts to adapt to a changing real estate market. The same practical and systematic approach to selling that enabled him to become one of the top agents in the country during his fifteen year career is now being utilized by thousands of real estate professionals throughout the world.

Realtor of the Year, Salesman of the Year, speaker at every national franchise convention, he now brings his talents to your market area so you may discover the very "systems" he created in order to achieve a consistent level of production well beyond what most people believe is even possible for them.

Rick DeLuca's record speaks for itself:

  • He sold 42 homes his first year in the business.
  • He has earned both Salesman of the Year and Realtor of the Year honors from the State of Nevada.
  • In a market with a population of 200,000 people, Rick averaged nearly 200 sales per year.
  • His company was nationally recognized for their individual production levels!

Regardless of your experience level, Rick promises to share systems that will both increase your production and allow you to work smarter, rather than just harder.


                                                     Rick DeLuca Seminars
                                                   225 S.W. Scalehouse Loop
                                                          Bend, OR  97702

 Phone: 800-635-9883 w Fax: 541-382-2306

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